Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tramps bikie club loses appeal to get back its guns because of link to Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

MEMBERS of a small-town motorcycle club linked to the Hells Angels have failed in their appeal to retrieve their confiscated guns. A decision was handed down today by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal upholding a decision to cancel four Tramps bikies’ gun licences because of their membership and social associations with other gangs. The verdict comes almost a year after nine current and former members of the Tramps MC fronted the Firearms Appeal Committee, one of which is a mobile butcher, arguing that Victoria Police had no right cancel their licences. Club head Ronald Harding, who took leave to withdraw, butcher Michael Oxenham, Malcolm Dinsdale and David Windsor are now considering appealing the decision to the appeal court of the Victorian Supreme Court. In August 2012, Chief Commissioner Ken Lay made a controversial decision to seize more than 100 registered guns from members of “outlaw’’ bikie gangs across the state. The VCAT appeal, taken on by four Tramps members, was seen as a test case for other “outlaw’ bikie members who also had their gun licences cancelled. The guns were seized under the test to whether the licence holder was a “fit and proper’’ person.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Biker gang members charged with attempted murder in shooting

RCMP in Alberta have cracked down on an emerging Hells Angels support club and charged two of its associates with attempted murder. The group — known as the Malicious Crew Motorcycle Club — has been on the police radar for about a year and has now been connected to a shooting in Sylvan Lake earlier this month. An RCMP expert on outlaw motorcycle gangs says there are similar groups popping up around the province.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mongol hordes descend on the Gold Coast

ONE of America's most feared bikie gangs is eyeing off territory on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast Bulletin captured exclusive images of patched members of the Mongols in Southport and the club is rumoured to be planning an audacious move to push into the lucrative Glitter Strip. Police fear another club muscling into the city limits could finally tip an already tense environment, with 10 clubs now vying for a slice of the party strip. Zero-tolerance or bikies will own the Coast Of the 10, seven have fortified clubhouses protected by elaborate security. The number of outlaw motorcycle gang members on the Gold Coast has skyrocketed, with up to a third of Queensland bikies now having a Gold Coast address. Queensland police union president Ian Leavers condemned the Mongol push, saying they "simply cause an increase in crime and scare away tourists". "As a community we need to tell these bikie thugs they are not welcome on the Gold Coast," Mr Leavers said. Tensions between clubs are high, with the brawl between the Finks and Nomads at last week's Cooly Rocks On festival the latest in a long run of violence. The two clubs insist there is no issue between the gangs, only "personal rivalries". A series of recent tattoo parlour fire bombings and an alleged drug-fuelled rampage have added to the outlaw friction. Senior police sources say the Mongols, sworn international enemies of the Hells Angels, have established a temporary base at Carrara, the heart of Rebels territory. The Rebels claim to be Australia's largest and strongest outlaw motorcycle gang and will not welcome any attempt to push into their turf, police said. Their clubhouse is based in Lawrence Drive, Nerang, close to Mongol-owned business interests. "The Mongols are a serious bike club," police said. "Look at their history. This club means business." Outlaw sources estimate the Mongols have about 70 patched members in Australia, with the NSW Central Coast being the club's stronghold. The Mongols MC website claims the club has several chapters in NSW, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Their push into the Coast coincides with moves to have the Finks declared a criminal organisation. It will be heard in the Supreme Court in October. The Gold Coast Bulletin forwarded the images to police bikie squad Taskforce Hydra, which refused to go into the Mongols' public presence for "operational reasons". The Mongol push into the Gold Coast follows the Hells Angels' move into Burleigh after years of aborted attempts. The Angels' low-key base in Lemana Lane, Burleigh, and other business interests were firebombed, but they have otherwise gone unchallenged. Neighbours said gang members were quiet and kept to themselves. It is believed previous efforts by the club to break into Australia had failed. "They have tried to push into a number of cities without much luck," outlaw sources said. "They seem to get a few members and then they go nowhere. They aren't much of a force in Australia, especially when you consider the size of the clubs in Australia." However, police fear the bitter enmity between the Mongols and Hells Angels could increase friction. "The Mongols are sworn enemies of the Hells Angels. In the US the club has a shoot-on-sight policy for any Hells Angels," police said. Violence between the two international clubs erupted at a casino in Nevada in 2002 in circumstances eerily similar to the Ballroom Blitz fracas on the Gold Coast in 2006 between the Hells Angels and Finks. The confrontation in Laughlin, Nevada, left three bikers dead and prompted a massive crackdown in the US. Mongols claim on their website they have received "massive support" in Australia. "We as a club have gone back to the true basic values of what a motorcycle club is and should be and that reflects on our brotherhood that we have with our support, love and respect for one another and for our passion of motorcycles is unheard of," the website states. "Mongols MC Australia would like to thank you for visiting our website and for your support and welcome you to the Mongol nation."

Gold Coast bikie gangs out of control,

A GOLD Coast ex-top cop turned criminologist has slammed what he says is a lack of tough action against outlaw motorcycle gangs. Terry Goldsworthy, a former detective inspector in charge of Burleigh Heads CIB who is now associate professor in criminology at Bond University, said bikies needed to be shown "they don't run this town". His comments follow more bikie violence on the Glitter Strip, including last weekend's brawl at Coolangatta which left a 61-year-old bystander in hospital and Tuesday's wild rampage through Southport in which a taxi was shot up, a milk truck hijacked and crashed and a bus driver assaulted. Trainee bikie bailed over brawl Bikie declared 'too violent' for court Dr Goldsworthy, who finished his 28-year police career last year with the Ethical Standards Command, said senior police had their "heads in the sand" and were not going after bikies as hard as they should. He said they should have zero tolerance of gang members and be actively targeting them, but were instead reactive. "Public perception is a key indicator for any police service and the perception is growing within the Gold Coast community that these bikies aren't being dealt with,'' he said "The bikies need to be shown they don't run this town and they are subject to the laws of Queensland.'' South Eastern police region Assistant Commissioner Graham Rynders this week trumpeted bikie arrest figures, saying more than 400 had been nabbed on almost 1100 charges including murder, serious assault and weapons possession since January last year. "The persistence and determination of police, to ensure OMCG members and associates are held accountable for their actions, is relentless,'' he said. But Dr Goldsworthy said police could be doing much more, including targeting bikie clubhouses that had not been raided in several years. He said Coast police had the manpower and resources to tackle the gangs but there was "a lack of leadership". "You could together put a taskforce of 20 officers in an hour dedicated solely to crack down on the [outlaw motorcycle gangs],'' he said. "You could have [random breath and drug testing] and liquor licensing operations targeting their clubhouses of a weekend. "It's all about leadership and the use of resources. The poor constables out on the road need someone to tell them 'We want you to target the bikies and this is how we're going to do it'.'' Dr Goldsworthy questioned whether Leonard Toalei, the Bandidos bikie accused of Tuesday's Southport rampage, was under surveillance after being released on parole in January. "You have to question if the local CIBs are liaising with probation and parole officers to identify high-risk releasees,'' he said. Dr Goldsworthy also said Mr Rynders was "playing semantics" with his assertion that the latest bikie violence was carried out by gang associates acting as individuals. "Bikie gangs are very hierarchical and while the senior members might not be telling associates and nominees to go out and play up, they're tacitly condoning the behaviour,'' he said. "They (senior members) certainly are not going to be ringing up and saying 'top that naughty behaviour'. The guys that are out there carrying out the violence are doing so under their gang brand.''

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bikie gang suspects in brawl arrests at Penrith shopping centre

FOUR men with alleged links to outlaw motorcycle gangs were arrested last week after a brawl at a Penrith shopping centre. Police officers from the gangs squad and Penrith local area command had been investigating the brawl, which forced shoppers to flee for their safety about 2.45pm last Monday. Police will allege a man was leaving the shopping centre when he was confronted by a group of nine men and fighting began. A number of people tried to intervene, including an unknown male who was assaulted. All involved in the brawl then left the scene. At 7am last Thursday, police simultaneously raided four homes at St Marys, Emu Plains, South Windsor and Freemans Reach. Three men with alleged links to the Rebels were arrested at St Marys and Emu Plains, while an alleged senior Nomads member was arrested at Freemans Reach. During the search warrants, police seized distinctive gang clothing, quantities of anabolic steroids and prescription drugs and a set of knuckledusters. A man, 29, of Emu Plains, was charged with affray, participate in a criminal group and two counts of possess prescribed restricted substance. A man, 44, of Freemans Reach, was charged with affray, possess prohibited weapon, and two counts of possess prescribed restricted substance. A man, 25, of St Marys, and a 23-year-old New Zealand man were each charged with affray and participate in a criminal group. Penrith crime manager Detective Inspector Grant Healey said further arrests were anticipated.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jamie George Zammit allegedly fired the bullet that marked the start of Sydney's bikie wars.

Last Friday, the former president of the Penrith chapter of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang appeared in court, charged after a police operation. Gang squad commander Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis said: "We have arrested the people who we allege were responsible for firing the firearms used during the drive-bys." Four other alleged bikies have been charged in recent days. The last of these, an alleged Hells Angel associate, Qaseem Khoshal Ibrahim Khell, faced Parramatta Local Court yesterday, charged in relation to an alleged brawl and shooting in July. Mr Khell, who was granted bail, was not involved in any drive-by shooting. The alleged gun attack by Mr Zammit on April 17 was the first of five shootings that night. Later that morning NSW Police established a dedicated strikeforce, with the codename Kinnarra, in response but for months shootings continued. Police will allege that personal rivalries between members of the Nomads and Hells Angels spilled over into a battle between the two gangs. Court documents tendered at Mr Zammit's appearance show he has also been charged with shooting at a Sydney tattoo parlour in March, several weeks before April 17. Strikeforce Kinnarra has now arrested 31 members of the two gangs, most of these after the pursuit and seizure of a car seen driving through Sydney's west the night of a later drive-by shooting. The car had not been set on fire and police were able to refer it for forensic examination. Mr Zammit, who has not yet entered a plea to three charges of shooting at a dwelling and one of participating in a criminal group, has been refused police bail and is currently in Silverwater prison. Mr Khell, whose lawyer Christopher Raheb told the court his client had no involvement with the Hells Angels, has been charged with affray and assault as part of a criminal group. He has not yet entered a plea. Mr Zammit has been replaced as a president of the Nomads and police believe the gang, while weakened, remains dangerous. "It's certainly had an impact on them," Mr Katsogiannis said.

Friday, 17 August 2012

four members and associates of the Hells Angels and Nomads outlaw motorcycle gangs were charged on Thursday with various firearms and drugs offences.

The NSW police commissioner says there will be more arrests after four alleged members of outlaw bikie gangs were charged over a recent spate of shootings. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione issued the warning after four members and associates of the Hells Angels and Nomads outlaw motorcycle gangs were charged on Thursday with various firearms and drugs offences. Strike Force Kinnarra has been investigating five drive-by shootings at homes and businesses on April 17 followed by a string of other shootings over the following days. Police believe some of the shootings are linked to conflict between the warring bikie gangs. 'We will continue to go after offenders that see that they have some right or belief that they can go and use a firearm in the streets of New South Wales and get away with it,' Mr Scipione told reporters on Thursday in Sydney. 'Well, the bad news is you won't get away with it. (Four) outlaw motorcycle gang members charged today. They aren't the first and they won't be the last.' Police charged a 21-year-old Hells Angels associate with shooting up a house. A 30-year-old former high-ranking Nomads member was charged with two counts of firing on houses that endangered the safety of the people inside. Police charged two other former Nomads members with drugs supply and possession offences. Inquiries to locate and arrest a fifth man are continuing. Since April, Kinnarra investigators have made 40 arrests, laid 142 charges and seized 13 firearms, 2500 rounds of ammunition and various amounts of drugs.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The raids and arrests followed a year-long investigation after a tip-off from US authorities

The raids and arrests followed a year-long investigation after a tip-off from US authorities [AFP]

Australian police have seized a record half a tonne of the drug crystal methamphetamine and heroin worth up to $525m hidden in a shipment of terracotta pots from Thailand.

Four Hong Kong nationals and three Australian residents were also arrested in raids in Sydney on Monday following a tip-off from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Over half a tonne of drugs, including 306kg of crystal methamphetamine - also known as ''ice'' - and 252kg of heroin, were seized.

"At the end of the day, there's a lot of 'Mr Mediums' and 'Mr Littles' that work with 'Mr Big'," Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin told reporters.

"I think we've got a good combination of the people responsible for this importation."

The drugs were found hidden in a shipment of 3,200 terracotta pots at Sydney's Port Botany, and were concealed in hundreds of foil-wrapped, loaf-sized packages.

Those arrested, aged between 29 and 61, were charged on Tuesday with conspiracy to import illicit drugs and holding a commercial quantity of illicit drugs. The charges carry a maximum penalty of life in jail. They have now been remanded into custody until October 17.

"We're talking about a significant quantity of two separate types of substances which generally have different source countries," Colvin said, adding the investigation was continuing and further arrests were possible.

Jason Clare, the home affairs ministers, said the bust was a major breakthrough.

"This is more heroin and more amphetamine than we often seize in an entire year," he said.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bikies' second liquor permit

A BIKIE club that recently set up at Smithton has had another liquor permit approved, but it is yet to lodge a permanent liquor licence application. The Black Uhlans Motorcycle Club established itself at the King St former electrical repair shop in May. It was granted a liquor permit for its first event in June, and State Treasury's Licensing and Gaming director Adrian Christian said yesterday it has had another approved for this Saturday, from 8pm to 2am. "There is no application for a liquor licence," Mr Christian said. He said permit conditions were the legal responsibility of the individual behind the application, not the organisation, in this case the Black Uhlans. "Whether the function is bingo or a chook raffle or whatever, ... that's not a matter for the commissioner to consider under the permit (application)," Mr Christian said. In May when news of the Black Uhlans' permanent presence spread at Smithton, Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam said some residents had expressed concerns to him. However, he subsequently said he expected no trouble from the group, especially if there were no rival bikies in town.

Adelaide police say a warrant has been issued for the arrest of bikie gang member Christopher Shah.



There has been a hunt for Shah, 27, since he crashed into an unmarked police car and fled at suburban Salisbury Park more than a week ago.

Police warn Shah could be armed and say he should not be approached.

They have warned anyone harbouring Shah that the maximum penalty for that offence is seven years in jail.

The warrant has been issued by Elizabeth Magistrates Court for two counts of acts to endanger life.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Man with alleged bikie ties in court

A man with alleged links to the Hells Angels motorcycle gang has faced court over a vicious brawl at a Brisbane restaurant. Daniel Potts, 37, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday charged with affray. He was arrested on Saturday over the vicious bashing of another man, also believed to have bikie gang ties, at the Mt Gravatt shopping centre on April 17. Two 25-year-old members of the Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang were charged with affray in May over the same incident. Potts was silent during his brief court appearance on Monday. There was no application for bail and the matter was adjourned until next month.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

'Bikie boss' refused bail over domestic assault

alleged national bikie boss accused of assaulting his partner has been refused bail in a Sydney court. Police say Mark Buddle has taken over as the presidents of the Comancheros bikie gang. The 27-year-old sat in the dock at Sydney's Central Local Court today, wearing the same T-shirt and shorts as when he was arrested on the street in the city's east at Coogee yesterday afternoon. Police allege Buddle had just slapped his de facto partner, Melanie Tiwacha, at their home at nearby Clovelly. He allegedly threatened the 27-year-old with a knife, slapped her and tried to stab her with a pen before she fled to a local pub and called police. Buddle was charged last night with assault, affray and two counts of being armed with intent. In applying for bail today, Buddle's lawyer Stephen Zahr told the court Ms Tiwacha had since moved in with her father. But Magistrate Julie Huber refused the bail application, saying she still had concerns for Ms Tiwacha's safety. Buddle is due to face court again next month.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Alleged Bandidos bikie refused bail

MAN has been refused bail after being accused of lying to Queensland's crime watchdog over his suspected involvement in a drive-by murder at a busy shopping centre. Marko Cokara, who has alleged connections to the Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday charged with perjury. He allegedly lied to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) during a coercive hearing on June 6. Cokara was hauled before the hearing to answer questions about his suspected involvement in the execution-style murder of Jei "Jack" Lee. The 22-year-old was gunned down in a shopping centre carpark at Eight Mile Plains, in Brisbane's south, in April. Cokara is alleged to have lied when he said he was not present at the shopping centre on the day Mr Lee died. He also is accused of lying about his phone number on the day. The court heard Bosnian-born Cokara, 21, is a suspect in Mr Lee's death, but he has not been charged. A second suspect and patched member of the Bandidos, Bogden Cuic, fled the country 19 hours after Mr Lee's death, the court heard. Cokara unsuccessfully applied for bail on the perjury charge on Thursday. Magistrate Tina Previtera said the case against him was "very strong" and ruled he was a flight risk. She also said his history of breaching court orders made it likely he would do so again. "This court is of the view that there is an unacceptable risk that you will commit further offences if you are granted bail," she said. Cokara was remanded to appear again next month.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

GOLD Coasters are afraid to walk the streets at night and two out of three say they have been victims or know somebody touched by crime.

The Your City, Your Say survey -- the biggest ever undertaken on the Gold Coast -- has delivered a shocking verdict on how locals view crime and personal safety. When it comes to tackling crooks on the Gold Coast, 86 per cent of locals said the city needed an urgent boost to police numbers. Gold Coast residents were also unhappy with the current response to bikie violence. A total of 63 per cent of respondents said they believed that taskforce Hydra and local police had not done enough to stop outlaw motorcycle gang activity.

POLICE are investigating whether a hydroponic cannabis crop was responsible for sparking a shed fire which destroyed a number of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Police attended the house on Gilfillan Street in Whyalla Norrie in South Australia when a fire started inside a rear shed at 6.30am Sunday.


It is alleged the remains of a hydroponic cannabis crop was located and investigations are continuing as to whether it contributed to starting the fire.


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The shed and contents, including 'a number' of Harley Davidson motorcycles, were destroyed.


The total cost of the damage is believed to exceed $190,000.


The male homeowner, who police say is a member of the outlaw motorcycle gang the Red Devils, was arrested and charged with cultivating cannabis and possessing prescribed equipment.


The 45-year-old received bail to appear at Whyalla Magistrates Court at a later date.


"Police want to remind the public that the growing of cannabis is not only illegal but also poses as a real danger, particularly when being grown hydroponically," a police spokesperson said.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Police fine bikie gang

Every member of the Queensland-based chapter of the Life and Death motorcycle gang was issued with a traffic infringement notice for speeding. The gang of 22 was stopped on the Pacific Highway in Coffs Harbour around 2.30pm. Police said the outlaw motorcycle gang was clocked speeding on the Pacific Highway at 1.55pm as they headed south on the Dirty Creek Range towards Corindi. Five highway patrol vehicles and two general duties crews enforced the highly visible roadside stop. Police said most of the members were issued with tickets for travelling more than 10kmh over the legal limit of 100kmh.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

BIKIES in town for the V8s will be asked to leave pubs and bars if they are wearing their club colours.

Gypsy Jokers members


Under "emergency powers" activated by the NT Licensing Commission - on advice from NT Police Commissioner John McRoberts - Territory pubs will be forced to kick out bikies wearing club colours, in the "interests of public safety".

This afternoon, the NT Licensing Commissioner issued this statement: "Following advice from the Northern Territory Commissioner of Police, the Northern Territory Licensing Commission has determined to exercise its emergency powers in the interest of public safety to ban members of motor cycle gangs from wearing their colours in Licensed Premises.

"The Commissioner of Police has advised that members of the Gypsy Jokers Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang, and possibly other bikie gangs, are heading to Darwin in conjunction with the V8 Super Car event this weekend.

"A licensee, or employee of a licensee, shall exclude or remove from Licensed Premises any person who is wearing the colours, insignia or emblems of an Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang (Bikie gang)."

The emergency powers are in place for seven days.

Queensland criminals are hiring security experts to sweep their houses for bugs and other hidden police surveillance equipment

Queensland criminals are hiring security experts to sweep their houses for bugs and other hidden police surveillance equipment, leaving detectives frustrated. They can also buy sophisticated "bug detection" kits, noise generators, hidden camera scanners and phone tap detectors online and in-store for as little as $450. While police spend months planning operations involving placement of listening devices, their targets can order kits that allow them to identify suspicious points and keep their clandestine activities under even closer wraps. Bikie gangs, such as the notorious Finks, previously have used security experts to check their homes.

Bikie turf war spreads across state

BIKIES are aggressively expanding their networks across Victoria, with one feared motorcycle gang taking over a rival's new chapter as it vies for dominance in the city. The Herald Sun has been told the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle club has ousted the Black Uhlans from a warehouse in Williamstown - the second time it has taken over premises since establishing itself in Melbourne almost three years ago.

Snake, dog and drugs seized in bikie raid

illegal snake, a stolen dog and $50,000 worth of the drug ice have been seized by police carrying out bikie-related raids in Sydney's west. Two men, including an alleged Rebels associate, have been arrested after officers swooped on five properties in Willmot, Londonderry, Lethbridge Park, St Marys and Richmond. The operation on Thursday was a follow up to a raid in April on the home of an alleged Rebels bikie in Telopea. On that occasion, Strike Force Raptor officers seized various firearms, ammunition and about one kilogram of amphetamines. Three men were arrested at the time before being released pending further inquiries.

Bikie a 'persistent' serial offender

A senior member of an outlaw motorcycle gang has been refused bail by a Gold Coast magistrate who described him as a "totally unacceptable risk". Shane Treloar, 38, the sergeant-at-arms of the Lone Wolf motorcycle gang, appeared in Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday on 19 charges including possession of drugs and a high-powered automatic assault rifle. Treloar was arrested at his Upper Coomera home on Thursday by officers from Task Force Hydra - set up to combat outlaw motorcycle gangs in Queensland. In refusing bail, Magistrate John Costanzo brushed aside submissions by lawyer Darren Mahony about the strength of the case against his client. "The prosecution case does not appear to be weak to me," he told the court. He said Treloar had appeared 11 times for sentencing matters in the past 10 years. "Rather than show a stable personal life he has displayed an unpreparedness to comply with court orders and to respect the law," he said. "He is a recidivist offender, and quite a persistent one. "He is a totally unacceptable risk." The heavily tattooed Treloar, with the word "Revenge" inked across one side of his face, sat quietly in the dock during the proceedings. He was remanded in custody to appear in court again on September 5 by video link from prison. Treloar played rugby league for Parramatta, Penrith and Souths for a number of years, mainly in reserve grade, and moved to the Gold Coast to pursue his sporting career but was thwarted by injury.

Gang squad investigators arrest bikie charged over consorting in Merrylands

Prominent bikie gang member, Jamie George Zammit, who is facing consorting charges over time spent in houses in Merrylands and Pemulwuy, was arrested as part of a bikie investigation on the weekend. Just before 7pm on Saturday June 30, Strike Force Raptor investigators searched a house at Mount Vernon Road, Mount Vernon, with alleged links to bikie gangs. More than 200 grams of an amphetamine-like substance was seized, and police also located what appeared to be old bullet holes in the front of the home. Later that evening, officers stopped and searched a vehicle at Oakhurst, seizing a loaded nine millimetre semi-automatic pistol and an amount of cash. Mr Zammit, 30, the driver of the vehicle, who police allege to be a former high-ranking member of the Nomads and now a member of the Rebels, was arrested and charged. He was charged with being in possession of a loaded firearm for which he did not have a licence, dealing with the proceeds of crime and other charges. Mr Zammit is a Mount Vernon resident, but police have not confirmed whether it was his house which was searched earlier in the day. He was the head of the Nomands bikie gang in Sydney. He remains in custody to next face Mount Druitt Local Court on Thursday July 5. Following further inquiries, Strike Force Raptor investigators executed a search warrant on a home at Sulman Place, Doonside, yesterday afternoon, Monday, July 2. Inside, they located a number of vials of steroids and other items which were seized for further examination. Inquiries are continuing. Strike Force Raptor was established by State Crime Command’s Gangs Squad in 2009 and is a proactive and high-impact operation targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs and any associated criminal enterprises.

Biker gang violence escalating in Sydney

So far this year, there have been 60 shootings in Sydney due to heightened tension between motorcycle gangs, police say. The tension has led to innocent bystanders getting caught in gun violence, such as a 2-month-old baby who recently survived a drive-by shooting at a house where she was sleeping, Sky News reported. In an effort to curb gang activity and shootings, police have began raiding local homes businesses associated with bike gangs and pulling over bikers wearing gang insignia, the report said. "We classify these groups as criminal organizations," acting assistant police commissioner Mal Lanyon told Sky News. "There are a range of issues which come into play, the patching over or the movement of one member of a group to another group, competition over drug turf and individual differences between members."

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sydney bikies 'seeking new turf' in country NSW

Police in central western New South Wales fear Sydney's outlaw motorcycle gangs are moving into the region to claim new territory. Officers in Parkes say they have spoken to members of the Rebels bikies who are trying to get jobs in the district and lease industrial land. Superintendant Bob Ryan, from the Lachlan Local Area Command, says he believes the gang's problems in Sydney have forced them to try to move into regional areas to continue their businesses. He says police do not want the bikies in the community. "We probably can't stop them from coming to the community, but we can make sure that we're aware of where they are, that their activities are lawful and if they step outside the bounds of the law then we'll be there to deal with them when it happens," he said. Police in Orange have also been involved in an operation targeting bikies in the western region. Superintendant David Driver, from the Orana Local Area Command, says he does not want to hear of any problems within the local community. "We do get reports of members of various outlaw motorcycle gangs attending licensed premises, some acts of intimidation," Superintendant Driver said. "Their activities are of interest to us, there has been a lot of high profile media incidents that have occurred in the Sydney metropolitan area. "Naturally we don't want that to translate into activity of that nature within the local area command." Superintendant Ryan says he believes the gangs are trying to broaden their territory. "Outlaw motorcycle gangs are all looking to expand their areas of influence," he said. "There's a lot of conflict in Sydney in relation to some of the gangs and this is a way of I guess taking charge of new territory and growing what they see as a business. "One of the things we're doing is encouraging businesses not to employ them. We're certainly encouraging them not to lease premises to these people." Superintendant Driver says police are doing what they can. "Obviously there's been quite an extensive history or historical link between outlaw motorcycle gangs and unlawful activity and naturally the police are interested to curb and monitor that activity," he said.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Member of Lone Wolf bikie gang on drugs, weapons charges after Gold Coast raid

POLICE have charged a member of a notorious outlaw bikie gang for weapon and drug offences after searching an Upper Coomera home yesterday. Detectives from Task Force Hydra used a search warrant at the house of Lone Wolf bikie gang member Shane Treloar about 3.15pm yesterday. In their search police allegedly found a gun, ammunition, methamphetamines and other drug utensils on the property. Mr Treloar has been charged with one count each of possession of a category D weapon, insecure storage of ammunition, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of utensils, possession of schedule drug and failure to take reasonable care of syringes. He is expected to face Southport Magistrates Court today.

19-year-old bikie gang member was arrested after police searched a house in Telopea and seized a snake, guns and drugs.

A 19-year-old bikie gang member was arrested after police searched a house in Telopea and seized a snake, guns and drugs.


He was arrested by the gangs squad investigators in relation to the seizure of firearms, drugs, a snake and a stolen dog from his house in April.


Watch raw footage of the arrest, supplied by Police Media, below:



St rike Force Raptor officers raided Adderton Road house of the man who they allege is a Rebels outlaw motorcycle gang member on Tuesday April 10.


They found a six-shot Ruger revolver, a six-shot Smith and Wesson revolver, about 120 rounds of ammunition and approximately one kilogram of amphetamine in a car at the house.


A shotgun and further amounts of prohibited drugs were found inside a garage.


Police said three men were arrested at the time, but released pending further inquiries.


Following further investigations, including forensic examination, Strike Force Raptor the 19-year-old at Willmot about 6am on Thursday June 21.


He was taken to Mount Druitt Police Station police said they expected to charge him with drug and firearm offences.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bikies sweeping for police bugs

PARANOID Queensland criminals are hiring security experts to sweep their houses for bugs and other hidden police surveillance equipment, leaving detectives frustrated. They can also buy sophisticated "bug detection" kits, noise generators, hidden camera scanners and phone tap detectors online and in-store for as little as $450. While police spend months planning operations involving placement of listening devices, their targets can order kits that allow them to identify suspicious points and keep their clandestine activities under even closer wraps. Bikie gangs, such as the notorious Finks, previously have used security experts to check their homes.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Body found in shallow grave in SA forest

South Australian Police say a post-mortem examination will be carried out today on the body of a man found buried in a forest south of Adelaide. Police are investigating the discovery of the body in a shallow grave in the Kuitpo Forest. They say a person walking in the area alerted them after finding a blood-stained shirt nearby. Police say the identity of the man cannot be confirmed until they get the results of the post-mortem. It is understood they are investigating whether it is 45-year old Michael Varehov from Mawson Lakes. Police says he is missing in suspicious circumstances and believe his disappearance is linked to an assault at suburban Beaumont in Adelaide. A man has since been charged with assault. Police say a Peugeot sedan connected to Mr Varehov's disappearance was also found last night, burned out at the nearby town of Myponga.

members of the notorious Finks 'Terror Team', arrived to pay their respects.


Finks bikies at the funeral of Ned Inch, son of the club's former sergeant-at-arms Dennis Inch. Picture: Richard Gosling Source:Gold Coast Bulletin

FINKS bikies have gathered en masse on the Gold Coast at a church to farewell the son of a gang elder.

Dozens of Finks in full colours roared into the Dream Centre Church at Carrara for the funeral of Ned Inch, son of the club's former sergeant-at-arms Dennis Inch.

Mr Inch junior, his wife and daughter were killed in a car crash near Mackay earlier this month.

Police watched from patrol cars as bikies, including members of the notorious Finks 'Terror Team', arrived to pay their respects.


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