Wednesday, 4 July 2012

BIKIES in town for the V8s will be asked to leave pubs and bars if they are wearing their club colours.

Gypsy Jokers members


Under "emergency powers" activated by the NT Licensing Commission - on advice from NT Police Commissioner John McRoberts - Territory pubs will be forced to kick out bikies wearing club colours, in the "interests of public safety".

This afternoon, the NT Licensing Commissioner issued this statement: "Following advice from the Northern Territory Commissioner of Police, the Northern Territory Licensing Commission has determined to exercise its emergency powers in the interest of public safety to ban members of motor cycle gangs from wearing their colours in Licensed Premises.

"The Commissioner of Police has advised that members of the Gypsy Jokers Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang, and possibly other bikie gangs, are heading to Darwin in conjunction with the V8 Super Car event this weekend.

"A licensee, or employee of a licensee, shall exclude or remove from Licensed Premises any person who is wearing the colours, insignia or emblems of an Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang (Bikie gang)."

The emergency powers are in place for seven days.

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