Monday, 27 August 2012

Bikie gang suspects in brawl arrests at Penrith shopping centre

FOUR men with alleged links to outlaw motorcycle gangs were arrested last week after a brawl at a Penrith shopping centre. Police officers from the gangs squad and Penrith local area command had been investigating the brawl, which forced shoppers to flee for their safety about 2.45pm last Monday. Police will allege a man was leaving the shopping centre when he was confronted by a group of nine men and fighting began. A number of people tried to intervene, including an unknown male who was assaulted. All involved in the brawl then left the scene. At 7am last Thursday, police simultaneously raided four homes at St Marys, Emu Plains, South Windsor and Freemans Reach. Three men with alleged links to the Rebels were arrested at St Marys and Emu Plains, while an alleged senior Nomads member was arrested at Freemans Reach. During the search warrants, police seized distinctive gang clothing, quantities of anabolic steroids and prescription drugs and a set of knuckledusters. A man, 29, of Emu Plains, was charged with affray, participate in a criminal group and two counts of possess prescribed restricted substance. A man, 44, of Freemans Reach, was charged with affray, possess prohibited weapon, and two counts of possess prescribed restricted substance. A man, 25, of St Marys, and a 23-year-old New Zealand man were each charged with affray and participate in a criminal group. Penrith crime manager Detective Inspector Grant Healey said further arrests were anticipated.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jamie George Zammit allegedly fired the bullet that marked the start of Sydney's bikie wars.

Last Friday, the former president of the Penrith chapter of the Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang appeared in court, charged after a police operation. Gang squad commander Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis said: "We have arrested the people who we allege were responsible for firing the firearms used during the drive-bys." Four other alleged bikies have been charged in recent days. The last of these, an alleged Hells Angel associate, Qaseem Khoshal Ibrahim Khell, faced Parramatta Local Court yesterday, charged in relation to an alleged brawl and shooting in July. Mr Khell, who was granted bail, was not involved in any drive-by shooting. The alleged gun attack by Mr Zammit on April 17 was the first of five shootings that night. Later that morning NSW Police established a dedicated strikeforce, with the codename Kinnarra, in response but for months shootings continued. Police will allege that personal rivalries between members of the Nomads and Hells Angels spilled over into a battle between the two gangs. Court documents tendered at Mr Zammit's appearance show he has also been charged with shooting at a Sydney tattoo parlour in March, several weeks before April 17. Strikeforce Kinnarra has now arrested 31 members of the two gangs, most of these after the pursuit and seizure of a car seen driving through Sydney's west the night of a later drive-by shooting. The car had not been set on fire and police were able to refer it for forensic examination. Mr Zammit, who has not yet entered a plea to three charges of shooting at a dwelling and one of participating in a criminal group, has been refused police bail and is currently in Silverwater prison. Mr Khell, whose lawyer Christopher Raheb told the court his client had no involvement with the Hells Angels, has been charged with affray and assault as part of a criminal group. He has not yet entered a plea. Mr Zammit has been replaced as a president of the Nomads and police believe the gang, while weakened, remains dangerous. "It's certainly had an impact on them," Mr Katsogiannis said.

Friday, 17 August 2012

four members and associates of the Hells Angels and Nomads outlaw motorcycle gangs were charged on Thursday with various firearms and drugs offences.

The NSW police commissioner says there will be more arrests after four alleged members of outlaw bikie gangs were charged over a recent spate of shootings. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione issued the warning after four members and associates of the Hells Angels and Nomads outlaw motorcycle gangs were charged on Thursday with various firearms and drugs offences. Strike Force Kinnarra has been investigating five drive-by shootings at homes and businesses on April 17 followed by a string of other shootings over the following days. Police believe some of the shootings are linked to conflict between the warring bikie gangs. 'We will continue to go after offenders that see that they have some right or belief that they can go and use a firearm in the streets of New South Wales and get away with it,' Mr Scipione told reporters on Thursday in Sydney. 'Well, the bad news is you won't get away with it. (Four) outlaw motorcycle gang members charged today. They aren't the first and they won't be the last.' Police charged a 21-year-old Hells Angels associate with shooting up a house. A 30-year-old former high-ranking Nomads member was charged with two counts of firing on houses that endangered the safety of the people inside. Police charged two other former Nomads members with drugs supply and possession offences. Inquiries to locate and arrest a fifth man are continuing. Since April, Kinnarra investigators have made 40 arrests, laid 142 charges and seized 13 firearms, 2500 rounds of ammunition and various amounts of drugs.


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