Thursday, 29 March 2012

Comanchero bikie boss Mark Buddle slapped, choked and 'threatened to slit' girlfriend's throat,


THE girlfriend of Comanchero bikie boss Mark Buddle has told police he slapped, choked and threatened to "slit'' her throat because he thought she was cheating on him. Documents tendered to Central Local Court yesterday allege she endured  two and half hours of abuse by  Buddle in the couple's Clovelly flat with their 11 month old daughter present. Buddle, 27,  was charged with  two counts of  being armed with intent to commit indictable offence, one count of assault and one of affray. Melanie Terwisscha, 27,  alleges she was woken by Buddle about 3am on Tuesday morning when he said they needed to talk.   She went back to sleep and woke about  5.30am to feed her baby. It was then, she told police he followed her into the lounge room and began asking her the "usual questions'' and started to swear. "Have you been cheating on me,'' he asked. When she denied the allegation things escalated,  the statement said. He slapped her across the back of the head and  grabbed her by the throat until she couldn't breathe. Ms Terwisscha alleges Buddle threaten to kill her and her family, "I told you never f.... with me, I will kill you. I'll kill your whole family.'' She said their 11 month old daughter was crying throughout the entire time. Buddle, the National President of the Comanchero bikie gang  walked into the kitchen and returned with a large black handled silver carving knife approximately 30cm in length. He licked the blade and said he would "'slit your f... throat. You have been playing around on me like a gronk. You think I wouldn't find out, I find out everything.'' Police then allege the victims sister, Amy Terwisscha received a phone call saying  the accused had "beat the sh.. out of Melissa." She told police she went to the flat in Clovelly where she also lived and saw Buddle kick her sister in the stomach with his left foot while the couple were in the bedroom. The pair went out of sight and then she  heard was her sister say: "Please don't stab me.  Please don't stab me.'' Amy said Melissa told her later he had tried to stab her with a pen and stomp on her head. Amy went to the nearby  Clovelly hotel and rang police who later arrested Buddle on Coogee Bay road. Mr Avni Djemal  appearing for Buddle said his client was not a flight risk and the victims father had contacted him saying he believed Mr Buddle  was no threat to his daughter,. He also said the alleged victim had not signed statement about the allegations. Mr Djemal said Ms Terwisscha was living with her father at Pendle Hill.   He said the victims father had in fact gone surety for Mr Buddle's bail on an unrelated matter. "Mr Buddle is also in the process of acquiring two concrete pumps and has several pending contracts.'' He said for this reason and the fact he gave financial support to his mother and daughter he was not a flight riosk. The court also heard Buddle was diagnosed  with Bi-polar disorder and was on prescription drugs including valium. He claimed he had been denied access to the drugs while in police custody. Magistrate Julie Hurber refused bail saying she was not satisfied the accused was not a risk to the allege victim or that he was not a flight risk. She ordered he be allowed to have his prescribed  medicine and ordered he appear in Waverley court on April 16.

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