Friday, 30 March 2012

Mokbel's former girlfriend bashed


Drug boss Tony Mokbel's former lover has been bashed by a balaclava-clad man who chased her through a Melbourne cafe. The woman was hit with either a bar or a tool outside the Essendon cafe on Friday morning, police said. She was then chased back through the cafe by the man, who was wearing a dark-coloured balaclava, and the assault continued inside. Police said the victim was a Port Melbourne woman aged in her 40s. Media reports say the woman is Danielle McGuire, who is Mokbel's former de facto partner and has a child with him. Detective Senior Constable Andrew Porter said the victim was a regular at the cafe, but would not say if she was targeted. "Police aren't sure of a motive at this stage. We can't say whether it is random or something that she has been targeted," he told reporters. "She was hit with an unknown object, either a bar or some similar tool to the head and to the arm." Det Sen Const Porter said nothing was stolen from the victim, nor was anything said to her during the attack. The woman was treated by ambulance officers for minor injuries. Ms McGuire was recently seen by the hospital bedside of injured Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell. Mr Mitchell was shot outside a Brunswick gym in November.

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