Monday, 2 July 2012

Sydney bikies 'seeking new turf' in country NSW

Police in central western New South Wales fear Sydney's outlaw motorcycle gangs are moving into the region to claim new territory. Officers in Parkes say they have spoken to members of the Rebels bikies who are trying to get jobs in the district and lease industrial land. Superintendant Bob Ryan, from the Lachlan Local Area Command, says he believes the gang's problems in Sydney have forced them to try to move into regional areas to continue their businesses. He says police do not want the bikies in the community. "We probably can't stop them from coming to the community, but we can make sure that we're aware of where they are, that their activities are lawful and if they step outside the bounds of the law then we'll be there to deal with them when it happens," he said. Police in Orange have also been involved in an operation targeting bikies in the western region. Superintendant David Driver, from the Orana Local Area Command, says he does not want to hear of any problems within the local community. "We do get reports of members of various outlaw motorcycle gangs attending licensed premises, some acts of intimidation," Superintendant Driver said. "Their activities are of interest to us, there has been a lot of high profile media incidents that have occurred in the Sydney metropolitan area. "Naturally we don't want that to translate into activity of that nature within the local area command." Superintendant Ryan says he believes the gangs are trying to broaden their territory. "Outlaw motorcycle gangs are all looking to expand their areas of influence," he said. "There's a lot of conflict in Sydney in relation to some of the gangs and this is a way of I guess taking charge of new territory and growing what they see as a business. "One of the things we're doing is encouraging businesses not to employ them. We're certainly encouraging them not to lease premises to these people." Superintendant Driver says police are doing what they can. "Obviously there's been quite an extensive history or historical link between outlaw motorcycle gangs and unlawful activity and naturally the police are interested to curb and monitor that activity," he said.

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