Monday, 7 May 2012

Sex, bikies and busts for Armidale sex shop

LUSTICUs owner Lisa Mooney is claiming police harassment following the confiscation of 56 allegedly illegal adult movies by detectives from her Armidale sex shop. Armidale detectives swooped on the Lusticus business on Miller St at 11.30am on Thursday, after a tip-off that Ms Mooney was selling X-rated 18 years-plus classification films. The items were taken to Armidale Police Station and will be sent to the NSW classification review board to have their classifications confirmed. Detective Sergeant Matt Crotty of New England Local Area Command told The Express that “if they are confirmed as being of that X 18-plus classification, we’ll be laying charges against the owner of the premises”. While Ms Mooney concedes that she wrongly had the 56 films for sale, she said the raid was the latest in a series of police attempts to “harass and victimise me”. In relation to Thursday’s police bust, she told The Express: “I had just opened the shop and before I knew it there were eight coppers walking through the door. It blew me away and I felt intimidated. “I admit I’m in the wrong for selling these films. But nowhere in the fine-print of the catalogues I’m buying these DVDs from does it say it’s illegal for sale in NSW. “Being an owner of an adult shop, though, I should have looked into that, but I didn’t. I didn’t do my homework. It’s not illegal to own them, but it’s illegal to sell them. “It still doesn’t change the fact that the cops are trying to get to me.” Ms Mooney claimed that local police had been unfairly targeting her family, friends and her partner Heath, who is a member of the Rebels bikie gang. “I don’t know what else the cops think they’re going to find out the back of my business: a knock shop, 200 Chinese girls in a corner, or a big bikie gang hiding out,” she said. “I’m just the small fish in the bigger picture here. “I have a feeling the local cops are after the outlaw side of things, and they are a bit jealous they are missing out because it’s all happening in Sydney.

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