Monday, 7 May 2012

Bomb hoax forces evacuation of kick-boxing event with alleged links to bikies

BUILDING was evacuated after a bomb hoax interrupted a Thai kickboxing tournament in Brisbane last night. Police were called to the Sleeman Sports Centre at Chandler to search for a "suspicious package" after a called in threat just after 9pm, a police spokesman said. He said about 1,700 patrons were allowed back into the event after about an hour when no device was found. A Sleeman Sports Centre spokeswoman would not comment. The tournament allegedly has links to bikie gangs, ABC News reported, with police also on guard at a separate kicking boxing event on the Gold Coast, after rival bikie members apparently turned up, sparking fears of a clash. A Brisbane martial arts leader who did not want to be named, told ABC the past two fights at the Brisbane event were organised by bikie groups. "The police basically went in and shut it down. Other people were saying the bomb scare was a bit of a hoax, and authorities just wanted a reason to shut it down because of links to a bikie gang," the source said. "(For) the fans that have bought tickets and the guys that are actually in the tournament fighting to win some prize money ... it is very disappointing that it has been closed down." Police have made no arrests and are continuing their investigations.

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