Sunday, 29 April 2012

Gold Coast gunman still on the loose

THE gunman who shot two people in a crowded Gold Coast shopping centre is still at large and police fear Queensland's worst outlaw motorcycle gang war will escalate. A 42-year-old man, linked to a bikie gang, was shot in the arm and a 53-year-old woman was caught in the crossfire and shot in the pelvis at the Robina Town Centre yesterday afternoon. Both are recovering in hospital. The male victim is believed to be Jacques Teamo. Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson says it's the first time that feuding between bikie gangs has spilled into the public, with an innocent person shot. Police are working overtime to track down the gunman, who is described as Pacific Islander in appearance, aged between 20 and 30 years, with full arm and neck tattoos. Mr Atkinson says people know who's behind the shooting but a code of silence shrouds bikie gangs and criminals have a wall of protection. "Most of them, if not all of them, have lawyers on standby who come to their assistance immediately," the commissioner said. He said he fears for a retaliatory attack. Over the past week there has been an escalation in violent attacks on the Gold Coast and Brisbane that are believed to be linked to a bikie war. Shots were fired at a tattoo parlour on the Gold Coast, a car was set on fire in Brisbane, two Brisbane premises were attacked with baseball bats and police suspect there was an attempt to fire shots into the clubhouse of the Gypsy Jokers in Everton Hills in Brisbane. Police Minister Jack Dempsey says he has directed Commissioner Atkinson to throw all available resources at the recent incidents. He says the Government will bring in legislation soon that will extend mandatory times and lengthen sentences for illegal firearm laws to make them the toughest in the nation. "All Queenslanders have had enough of these sorts of incidents, particularly occurring in open spaces and public areas," he said. "The community expectations are that you will receive the most harshest penalties." CHRISTOPHER PEARSON 'It's a terrible reflection on her political judgment and the quality of the advice her office is giving her' JUDITH SLOAN 'Always be afraid when there is a minister for deregulation: this is code for pretending to do something' 'Many voters will see a fresh election as the only common sense option.' MIKE STEKETEE 'The concern is that relaxing drug laws will lead to increased use, but the evidence does not support it' PETER VAN ONSELEN 'The politics of aircraft noise is much louder than the aircraft noise itself' ANGELA SHANAHAN 'We ought to be talking about more mum-and-dad childcare, not institutional care' Prev Opinion3 of 6 Next   Watch Ended 0:00 / 7:48Scrubber mute Share Fullscreen For the love of words Andrew Denton and Jon Casimir explain the origins of their latest show 'Randling' and reveal why Denton is returning to our screens. 28 April 2012The Australian Tarkine faces ongoing mining threat27 April 20123:11 Bernard Salt on Brisbane27 April 20128:08 Mining exploration scars the Tarkine27 April 20122:02 HSU furore remains despite administration26 April 20122:54 Liberal MP eyes Speaker job25 April 20122:12 New laws for emergency service workers25 April 20120:25 Bryce visits Aussie troops25 April 20126:40 Anzac Day 'belongs to every Australian'26 April 20120:54 Surgeons honoured24 April 20121:05 Angry rally over police shooting24 April 20120:33 For the love of words28 April 20127:48 WATCH MORE VIDEO Celebrity news and video! Up to the minute celebrity gossip, photos & celebrity videos Start with one Find out how you can make 1 degree of difference Breaking news video! Watch the latest Local and National breaking news Ads By Google Google Advertising Online Promote Your Website on Google. Request a Free £50 Voucher Now! The Open University™ 2012 Make 2012 The Year You Change Your Life! Dowload A Free 2012 Guide Now Crowne Plaza Sydney Online Specials & Great Rates! No Booking Fee. Reserve a Room Today SECTIONS NEWS OPINION NATIONAL AFFAIRS BUSINESS AUSTRALIAN IT HIGHER EDUCATION MEDIA SPORT ARTS MOBILE RSS FEEDS NEWSLETTERS SEND STORIES SUBSCRIBE RESOURCES Sitemap Photo sales News archive Reader Offers RSS Feeds E-newspaper edition ADVERTISING Advertise with Us POLICIES Privacy Terms COMPANY INFORMATION About Us Contact Us Job Opportunities Code of conduct The Australian SEARCH FOR: Terms Privacy Accessibility Mobile site Help Feedback Standards of practice theaustralian NAVIGATE TO A SECTION 0SAVED STORIES

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