Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bikies 'unholy trinity' blocks Hells Angels

THE Bandidos, Finks and Lone Wolves have formed an `unholy alliance' to combat the Hells Angels' audacious bid for territory on the Gold Coast. The outlaw gangs have the strength and influence to fend off any challenge from the Angels and smaller clubs in the city will follow their lead to protect their turf. The Bulletin can reveal the Hells Angels are `desperate' to expand from their Tradelink Drive home and have tried in vain to forge alliances on the Coast. "They are kidding themselves," police said. "The Gold Coast-based gangs will never let that happen. "The clubs will align themselves to keep the Hells Angels out. "They are not wanted on the Coast." Gold Coast police continue to insist there is `no indication of a bikie war' and Taskforce Hydra yesterday tried to reassure the community as gang violence erupts across the southeast. Bikies have fired shots into buildings, torched cars and attacked people with baseball bats as tensions rise between outlaw clubs. An internal warning indicates Hydra, a dedicated team of police who target bikies, is braced for more violence over the weekend and police across the state are on high alert -- albeit maintaining a civilised approach. Your Say "No more talk time for action,run them off the road one by one if you see them especially if you are in a truck." davidp The warning orders police to remain professional, polite and not to make derogatory remarks about gangs or members.

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