Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Biker clubhouse raided in Chatham


Chatham-Kent police seized cash, liquor and beer Saturday while raiding the clubhouse of Canada's oldest outlaw motorcycle gang. The OPP Biker Enforcement and Organized Crime Enforcement units also participated in raiding the Red Devils' Degge Street clubhouse in Chatham. They executed the search war-rant under the Liquor Licence Act. Police seized $2,000 in cash, 13 bottles of liquor and more than 120 bottles of beer. Officers also arrested two men. They charged one with possession of a prohibited weapon and the other with assaulting a police officer. Other municipal bylaw and Liquor Licence Act charges are also pending. Police said last year after a provincewide investigation into an illegal lottery that the Red Devils gang is the country's longest-running motor-cycle gang.

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