Tuesday, 22 November 2011

MAN who instigated a shooting at a bikie clubhouse in Geelong and provided the rifle that was used to murder a rival Bandido has had his prison term slashed today.

Ross Brand

Bandidos gang member Ross Brand was killed in a shooting in Geelong in October 2008. Herald Su

The Court of Appeal ruled that the eight-year minimum term imposed on Derek Scott Bedson was "manifestly excessive" and did not reflect the seriousness of his involvement in the death of Ross Brand.

Mr Brand, 51, was shot dead and another man wounded when Bedson's half-brother, John Bedson, a member of the rival Rebels bikie gang, fired a hail of bullets from the back of a utility at the Bandidos' headquarters in Breakwater.

Derek Bedson’s jail term of 12 years with an eight-year minimum was cut to eight years with a five-year minimum.

Appeal judge Justice Peter Buchanan said the shooting had arisen out of an altercation at the Geelong Cup earlier that day between people associated with the two rival gangs.Derek Bedson was told of the fight and became angry that a member of the Rebels had been assaulted and arrested by police.

The Bedsons and other members of the Rebels drove to the clubhouse in the utility looking for revenge, and Derek Bedson brought a .22 semi automatic rifle.

Justice Buchanan said Derek Bedson intended that the clubhouse should be peppered with bullets and the Bandidos placed in fear, but two people had been shot, one of them fatally.

"This was a case where the difference between the level of harm intended by the appellant and the consequences of the actions of his brother were significant indeed," Justice Buchanan said.

The judge said Derek Bedson had good prospects of rehabilitation, a good work history and was well regarded. His prior convictions were minor and he had strong family support.

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