Sunday, 12 December 2010

Driver arrested after multi-vehicle crash - National - NZ Herald News

Driver arrested after multi-vehicle crash - National - NZ Herald News: "man faces a charge of driving while incapable after crashing into several parked vehicles near a busy Auckland intersection today.
He is alleged to have hit four parked vehicles during a late morning incident near the intersection of Dominion Rd and Valley Rd in the inner city suburb of Mt Eden.
The man was assessed by ambulance staff, but did not want further medical treatment, police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty said.
Two other people were taken to hospital for observation.
Police were alerted at 10.52am and were told by witnesses that a car was driven in an 'erratic and dangerous manner' before hitting other vehicles.
The driver was taken into custody by members of the Armed Offenders Squad, who happened to be in the area as part of a drug operation targeting the Hells Angels' gang headquarters in a nearby street.
Ralph Ingram, manager of the Videon video store on Dominion Road"

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