Sunday, 12 December 2010

Arrests in Methamphetamine operation | New Zealand's local news community

Arrests in Methamphetamine operation New Zealand's local news community: "Seven people will be appearing in court in Napier and Auckland today after police targeted a group of Hawke's Bay methamphetamine dealers with links to the Hells Angels gang in Auckland.

Napier Area Commander Inspector Kevin Kalff said the arrests were the result of an intensive two-month operation focussing on the distribution and selling of methamphetamine in Hawke's Bay. Police allege the drug dealers arrested today have been buying large quantities of P from the Hells Angels in Auckland and selling it from a suburban house in Napier. The dealers were also allegedly distributing the drug to other dealers in the city for on-selling.

Six people will be appearing in the Napier District Court today, while one person will be appearing in the Manukau District Court.

Police today searched seven houses in Napier while Auckland police searched the Hells Angels headquarters in Mt Eden and a South Auckland house. One man was arrested there on charges of supplying methamphetamine.

Mr Kalff said the operation revealed large quantities of the drug were being sold in the local community by dealers. Today's arrests would severely disrupt the flow of P coming into the Hawke's Bay region."

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