Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nomads bikies arrested under new 'Anti-Consorting' law

TWO high-ranking members of the Nomads bikie gang are the first to be charged under tough new "anti bikie'' laws passed by parliament. The new legislation passed on April 9 was specifically designed to target bikies and prevent them from “habitually consorting’’ with each other. Both were arrested last night after being warned repeatedly against associating with each other. The first warning was issued against the two bikies on the morning of April 20 at Merrlyands. Police say further warnings were issued during a vehicle stop at Bella Vista on May 1  and at a central city coffee shop the next day. About 6.30pm yesterday police went to an address in Durawi Street, Pemulway, where two men previously warned for consorting were again found to be together. Recommended Coverage Shootings erupt on Sydney's streets THE gun crime which is plaguing Sydney continued overnight with a man shot and a bullet hole found in wall of a home in separate crimes. Consorting criminals get a loophole STRICT new consorting laws meant to stop criminal gatherings have already been watered down by "tough on crime" A-G Greg Smith. Right to die in a bikie war AT A guess you could probably assume that none of the High Court judges live in Merrylands, with the Nomads and Hells Angels.  Bikies troop their colours THERE was no sign of any animosity when the Hells Angels and Comanchero rode side by side through Kings Cross early yesterday. Cops kick off weekend bikie blitz TWO people have been arrested and a number of weapons seized after 18 raids at dawn today, targeting feuding bikie gangs. Bikie war simmers below surface THE unnatural quiet that has descended on Sydney this past six months has many of us believing that the bikie war has ended. But it is most definitely a false quiet. O'Farrell returns fire over shootings CRIMINAL gang leaders will be jailed for up to 10 years and those who shoot up a house face up to 16 years in prison under planned tough new laws. The men, aged 30 and 31, were both issued with a future court attendance notice for the offence of habitually consorting with convicted offenders after warning. They have been ordered to appear at the Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday 27 June 2012

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