Sunday, 20 May 2012

John Ibrahim's bazooka-proof tattoo parlour

MOST legitimate businesses do not need ''bazooka-proof'' wire mesh and bulletproof windows. But Mark Alexander-Erber - who says he wants to revolutionise the tattoo industry with Kings Cross Ink - is taking such precautions to protect his million-dollar venture. Mr Alexander-Erber has teamed up with Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim to open what they say will be the biggest tattoo shop in the southern hemisphere, an emporium celebrities, sport stars and tourists will visit for their latest bit of body art. ''I am not worried about ruffling feathers but I am not naive or stupid,'' he said, sipping a coffee at his Darlinghurst landmark Bar Coluzzi. ''I have systems and counter-measures in place, like Israeli bazooka-proof mesh covering the whole building - there ain't nothing that is going to happen to that building. Bulletproof glass, I've got proper metal shutters, you name it I've got it because I am not naive enough to think there may not be a rogue element that will want to close us down as we're going to take a lot of business.''

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