Friday, 27 April 2012

Bikies are accusing police of an expensive media stunt

Bikies are accusing police of an expensive media stunt, after only two men were arrested in widespread raids across Sydney's west. Strike Force Kinnarra was timed to coincide with a ban on bikie colours in Kings Cross - which came into effect this morning. Police are warning bikies to expect more arrests. In total 160 police swooped on 18 homes and businesses at dawn, seizing firearms as a result of the raids on properties with alleged links to the Hells Angels and Nomads outlaw bikie gangs. The two men - aged 18 and 36 - were charged with drug and gun offences, as well as obstructing the raids, while another five men have been issued court attendance notices. Drive-by attacks on the homes of senior Hells Angels Mahmoud Dib and Jeffrey Sahyoun last week were among at least seven tit-for-tat attacks that police say were part of a turf war with the Nomads over drugs and membership. The attacks also targeted other senior bikies, associates and tattoo parlours. AUDIO: NSW Police warn of more large operations against outlaw bikies (PM) Meanwhile, Sam Ibrahim's wife and children have returned home to Bella Vista in a four-wheel drive which was also searched by police this morning. The family of the former Nomads boss is rattled, but say they are doing well. But lawyer for the United Motorcycle Council Wayne Baffksy says he is stunned only drugs, two guns and knuckledusters were seized in the large-scale operation. "I don't know how they justified raiding 18 places, I don't know how they got 18 search warrants, or how they legally justified that," Mr Baffsky said. "But certainly from what they discovered, which is absolutely minimal and I presume it's only from one location, I don't see how they justified the other 17 houses. "It seems to be a big show put on to try and make the public think the police are doing something." Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Mal Lanyon is warning more bikies will be charged. "I'm very confident that out of today's raids, people will be charged with additional offences. This is but the tip of the iceberg," he said. "It's actually an outstanding result today. We've obtained a lot of intelligence which will actually help us to prevent violence. But the Assistant Commissioner concedes he cannot give any guarantees the arrests will stop the turf war between the two groups. "What I can say to you is that we are 100 per cent committed to stopping that violence, and ensuring the public's safety and the public should be very comforted by the fact of today's raids, and the fact that we will continue in our mission to stop them," he said. "We have seized a large amount of items which will be subject to forensic examination and further persons will be charged."

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