Monday, 15 August 2011

an attempt by provincial justice officials to officially designate the Indian Posse as a criminal organization

THEY are Winnipeg's largest street gang, boasting a vast membership that has spread throughout Manitoba and even into other provinces.
But an attempt by provincial justice officials to officially designate the Indian Posse as a criminal organization has fallen short in court.
A high-ranking gang member pleaded guilty last month to charges of assault and uttering threats. In exchange, the Crown dropped the unique offence of participating in a criminal organization, which carries its own set of additional penalties upon conviction.
Jeff Bruyere, 43, was sentenced to 18 months of time already served during the hearing on Peguis First Nation, according to court records. No explanation was given for the dropped charge, which was believed to be the first of its kind against an Indian Posse member. Previously, only members and associates of the Hells Angels had faced such an allegation.
Bruyere was arrested in July 2009 for a violent incident in Peguis, located about 150 kilometres north of Winnipeg, which was alleged to be motivated by gang activity. He admitted to threatening, kicking and hitting a woman who apparently owed a $640 drug debt, court was told. A beer bottle was also smashed over her head.
Bruyere went to a house party the woman was at and told her "he was a high-ranking member of the Indian Posse street gang and not one to be messed with," said Crown attorney Courtney St. Croix. The victim was then attacked by several people, including Bruyere.
She suffered serious injuries that required treatment in hospital, including having her right eye swollen shut.
Two co-accused remain before the courts.
Bruyere's troubles with the justice system are far from over. He remains in custody on a charge of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the May 2006 death of Sheldon McKay inside Stony Mountain Institution.
Bruyere and four co-accused were charged last year following a lengthy RCMP investigation into what is believed to be a gang-related slaying. None of the allegations have been proven, and they are presumed innocent.

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