Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bikie said he 'shanked' rival, court hears

ONE of the alleged participants in the riot at Sydney Airport in 2009 admitted as he left the scene he had ''shanked'' Anthony Zervos, who lay dying behind him, before dropping the knife into a drain, counsel told the Supreme Court at Parramatta yesterday.

Natalie Adams, opening for the Crown before Justice Robert Hulme, said that Zervos had gone to the airport with his brother Peter on March 22, 2009, to support the national president of the Hells Angels, Derek Wainohu. He had joined Peter and four other Hells Angels in confronting 12 members of the Comanchero gang. But he had fallen or been knocked down, had been bashed with a bollard and stabbed several times, two of the stab wounds going through his right lung.

Ms Adams said that in August 2009, police recovered a knife from a drain. No DNA profile was found on it but its discovery was consistent with what a Comanchero gang member, Farres Abounader, had allegedly told his colleague on the day of the fight.


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